2018 in Books

Hey guys,

Ending the year with all the books I read in 2018. Missing a few books that I read here and there though. Moslty any book from Thich Nhat Hanh that I read at the bookstore and “The Two State Delusion” that I got from the Library. 

This year I have different themes that I explored. Meditation and spirituality, US history (as always) and the Israel/Palestine conflict.

I recommend any book by Thich Nhat Hanh for meditation and spirituality. Just reading his words makes me feel better.

I can only recommend Gotham for US history. It is definetly the longest book ever, but it will open any reader’s eyes on the US through the life of a city. Even though there was the Constitution and else, it didn’t stop locals to fight against Catholics, Blacks, Natives, Poors, etc. It didn’t stop most of NYC politicians to be corrupted. But even with all that, the country moved forward and improved.

The book I would recommend about the Israelo Palestinian conflict (and the other surrounding countries) is “A Line in the Sand”. This book is so eye opening on the history of the region starting after WWI. The stupidity of the French and English diplomacy who are figthing just because of old rivalry is insane. All the horrible things that these countries have done in the region just to keep some control over land and resources is shared in great detail. Most people blame the US for what’s happening around there now when it most definitely is the fault of France and England. You also have a lot of information about the events preceding the creation of the State of Israel, which I had no idea about before. I am really interested in having a deep knowledge of that region and that particular conflict, so I will keep reading about it during the year to come.

So in sum, here is what I learned from my books in 2018:

  • France is the reason why the US is not in the Commonwealth of Nations
  • Jewish groups used terrorism to push for the creation of the State of Israel
  • Most countries/cities who had control of the sea throughout history had the money
  • French language is an international language
  • Politicians throughout history have been corrupt
  • A sense of Community is the best way to move forward as a city, country, planet.

I hope you had great holidays and see you soon with a new post!


Thanks for reading me.

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