Sports fans are dumb. And we give them a free pass.

The following post is made up of A LOT of generalizations. But that’s what makes it funny. At least I think so.

    I hate Sports fans. The Eagles won the Superbowl, Yay! Too many – wasted – fans rushed to Broad Street to act as the dumbest apes ever. Climbing on everything they can climb on or breaking everything they can break. One guy even ate horse shit just because the dumb people around him cheered him on. You cannot tell me that the historic victory of their sports team – a moment of joy and happiness – justifies that hordes of drunk people take control of the city, with the conviction that nothing will happen to them. The same thing happened when the parade went through the city a few days later. Disorderly conduct was apparently “authorized” and people could pee wherever, throw beer cans at whoever, and disobey the police without being scared of an arrest. Sports fan Privilege? It appears that we consider ourselves more educated and smarter than Romans or Greeks. But this kind of reckless behaviour is not different than any barbaric behaviour of these ancient times. And we let it happen, because an entertained people is better controlled than a desperate one. We condone this sport stupidity but condemn that same stupidity when used for claiming equality.

     This free pass is given to them due to the fact that in America, there is nothing more important than drinking and watching sports. There are 20 TVs per bar and all showing different sports. It is so hard to find a bar where you can enjoy a drink without being forced to watch sports. I mean, I’m sure that if you have a human arriving on Mars the day of the Superbowl, there would be more people watching the latter. Sports is perfect for social gathering, it gives you time with your friends and a reason to drink without being seen as an alcoholic. Bud Light was giving away free “beers” during the parade… Can you believe it? A private company gives you all the means to get drunk. Getting hammered is The prize that every Eagles fan earned thanks to the win from their team. Is there no way anybody can enjoy this moment sober? I believe that it is not. In today’s culture, it is considered a sin to not drink in social interactions. I have a rule not to drink on Sundays – that’s the religiousness in me – and every time i went to the bar with my friends watching games, I had people wondering what the heck I was doing.

    Everyone is coming to the parade to enjoy the opportunity to have strangers repeat after them the letters of the team they’re supporting E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles. By the way, in 2018, the best thing people came up to cheer their team is to spell the letters of its name lol. Just like the basketball fans who shout “Defense” when their team is defending lol. Nothing better than a Pre-K level to make sure that even after 10 beers anybody can sing it! That makes me think of the people who come to Philly to take a pic with a fictional character – aka Rocky – rather than with Lafayette, Abe Lincoln or the Stephen Girard which are all around the Rocky statue… I have nothing against sports though. I love sports – especially real football – but just like I’m against the idea that you should not defend an institution just because you are somehow linked to it – country, religion, political party, etc. – I am against the idea of blind dedication to your team. Or blind hatred of the other side team. Everyone was happily repeating “Fuck Tom Brady” or burning his jersey during these two days. What did the guy do except throwing – deflated? – balls to the opposite team players?

     And as we are in America, it appears that a race argument had to be made. The sports crowd in Philly was mostly white. Should we then deduce that if they were black it wouldn’t be the same in terms of treatment by the police? Some people want to make the allusion that this is another White Privilege (one such article here), and that the cops were nicer because of the skin colour of the crowd. I completely disagree with that kind of statement and I think it is missing the point. (Please read my other article to understand that I am aware of the racial divide that exists in this country). But claiming that this is what is happening here is wrong. This is a Sports fan privilege. Nothing else. First of all, it is easy to take the crowd you want to press your point. When the Cleveland Cavalier won the NBA Finals in 2016, people did stupid things too in downtown Cleveland. The crowds there were a lot more diverse. Second of all, I even witnessed a few black people doing stupid shit, some even in front of cops, during the parade and they were not being arrested. They were still given a free pass just as their white comrades. The problem here is not the race of the protester, it is the system in which we are in. If you get drunk and throw beers at other people while shouting “E-A-G-L-E-S”, you are just being part of the system but when you are out shouting “Black Lives Matter” you are trying to change the system and no one likes that. Not everything is black and white. Of course black people suffer everyday struggles that most white people don’t. But we need to stop trying to push into everybody’s heads that whiteness is bad. Or that everything a white person does is thanks to her “Privilege”. This is not better than racism.

     Anyhow, if there is a “race” point to make I think it is this one. What bothers me the most is that these dumb white sports fans know that they have a free pass. They act like they are entitled with this free pass. Being a drunk disrespectful person on this moment is their right. They’ve had this free pass all their life, why not now? That’s what makes me sick. Hearing them saying “this is THE parade” as an excuse for not respecting anything which makes me think of all the other times when they must have given other excuses to be dumb and they certainly had a free pass, which is not possible when you’re a person of color. There is a “kind” of people in America that I don’t think you can find anywhere else, the White Douchbag. Generally a man but can also be a woman after college, always with a Red Cup or a Bud Light, completely hammered, who think they can insult people, who think they can climb a pole or climb on a deck that they are not supposed to because they know nothing bad will happen to them. Just like wolves, they are never alone and always in group because they need the approval and the support of the pack in their stupid actions. Why be a douch if no one is around to witness it and laugh? Even if College is over, they still think that they can act as they own the place and that daddy and mommy will save them if they do something stupid because they paid $400,000 for their school. Or because the school doesn’t want bad publicity. And they’re mostly right.

    Anyway, maybe it is just me being sad the Steelers didn’t get in the Super bowl. I do love -American- football. Even though it is a weird feeling to say that when you know that these people are paid millions to give themselves concussions in front of a cheering audience. I talked about Rome in my intro and frankly, what is the difference between this sport, which no one denies that it is damaging for the players, and a fight between a man and a beast in the Colosseum 2,000 yeas ago?

4 thoughts on “Sports fans are dumb. And we give them a free pass.

  1. This is my favorite post so far. It had literally laughing out loud! Maybe because I was there to and saw some of this behavior. I’m sorry I missed the lady who dropped her pants and took a piss right in front of others and when confronted tried to justify her behavior. Well on second thought, I’m not sorry I missed that one!

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  2. Don’t really know where to start on this one, quite honestly.

    First and foremost, you complain about Budweiser giving out free beer?? Who are you?

    “…in America, there is nothing more important than drinking and watching sports”. Really hit the nail on the head here, guy. Seems like you’ve got the good old USA 100% figured out! Remind me that if I ever go to another country and try to act like I have all the nuances and finer details of their culture figured out, I’m being extremely pompous and ignorant. If this is your take away from your time in America, it sounds like you’re not exploring or learning. At all.

    “And as we are in America, it appears that a race argument had to be made”. NO. It really doesn’t.
    You, the author, bring up race. Then somehow say we shouldn’t be talking about race in this situation? Then you go on to say some stuff that’s, well, kind of racist. Especially in your article about white privilege in the USA. You don’t begin to understand the nuances of sports culture (which is quite simple btw) in America, why do you think you are even close to being qualified to talk about our extremely complex race dynamics? It’s offensive and downright wrong. I’ll hold short of calling it racist simply because I think your misunderstanding and lack of knowledge on the subject are the source of your article rather than malicious intentions.

    “…these people are paid millions to give themselves concussions in front of a cheering audience” Ay yes, the concussion bowl. Really enjoyed that one. Did you see how many concussions Gronk gave out?? Wow, what a concussion player!

    “what is the difference between this sport…and a fight between a man and a beast in the Colosseum 2,000 yeas ago?”
    Animal cruelty/slaughter, they aren’t criminals forced to participate, they’re getting paid…. need I go on??

    “maybe it is just me being sad the Steelers didn’t get in the Super bowl”

    Ah, a steelers fan, that explains it.


    1. “Ah, a steelers fan, that explains it.”

      Your ending is just representing everything I just expressed. You seem so affected by the fact that I attacked your sport and your fun by an article with both sarcasm and reflexion that you have to end on a sports “attack” lol.
      I am far from claiming that I know eveything about America. Especially when I claim that there is nothing else than drinking and sports. That’s called sarcasm lol. But I guess in America Sarcasm is hard to get? Oops one more assumption I guess.
      I agree that there is no race argument to make. I am not the one that made it, multiple articles online were saying that if it were a black crowd, it would not be the same treatment. I don’t believe that this is true. So I answered this point… which was not made by me in the first place.

      And I’d love to know what you call racist! With all the unfair treatment of minorities that exists in this country I guess most americans don’t understand that much better the race dynamics than I do…

      So I talk about the relationship between watching people getting concussions (= risking your life expectancy) and watching people risk their life fighting against animals and what you get from it is animal cruelty? What about human cruelty? Don’t you think it’s cruel for a human to fight against an animal or is it only cruel for the animal? And you think the best gladiators were fighting without having their own gain out of it?

      Anyway, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I just think next time (would there be one?) please understand that I like sarcasm and that I just express my opinion/feelings! I don’t claim to be right and to know everything about the US of A!


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