2017 in Books

Hey guys,

Ending the year with all the books I read in 2017. I never read that much and I love it! 

The book I would recommend of all these is The Prize! Such a great insight into the business of oil. It is like the Biography of oil!

The Gene and Sapiens come right after as there is a lot to learn there too!

Can’t wait for 2018 and to finally read all the books I bought just because I have a disease!

Here is what I learned:

  • England killed its King before France did!
  • Hitler was good at war not listening to the professionals at it
  • Lincoln has not always been for ending slavery
  • France’s Revolution was for liberty but mostly killings came from it
  • US White people suffer from poverty very badly in some remote places
  • The Christian faith of today has nothing to do with the one of 2000 years ago, or the one of 500 years ago or the one of 100 years ago.
  • Space Time is hard as shit to understand lol

I hope you had great holidays and see you soon with a new post!


Thanks for reading me.

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