Your White Guilt Doesn’t Make Black Lives Matter

     White people did it again. White guilt is one of the most twisted theories I have ever heard of. After creating the idea of White Privilege to focus on the have instead of the have-not (see other blog), now we have white guilt to focus on what we feel instead of on what minorities feel.

     Innate Guilt is the basis of the Christian world. According to the Holy Book, we are all born sinners because Adam and Eve ate a fruit. And Jesus died for our sins. What sins you may ask? The sin of being born. Because this is where it comes back to. The “white guilt” people think our sin is to have been born white because the – their – world is dominated by white people. So now they want to repent. They think that Black people are just like God. You ask for forgiveness and you can go to “Ally Heaven” and live the rest of your life happy about your “non racism”. These people think that we should feel guilty for having what everybody should have. But go in Appalachia and tell them that they should feel white guilt. At least I’d give them that they could feel lucky to be born in this age. But maybe in a few years white liberals would be sent into Gulags. Would they still feel guilty then? They still didn’t find their Jesus but are spreading their word very loudly all over and convert more and more people to this dubious theory. What matters to them is not the facts, the truth or the greater good. It is to be the loudest and shaming others as “White supremacists”. They found a way to feel worse than the actual victims. I even found one person explaining that they “suffer moral pain” from this guilt. Poor you, at least you can get prescribed pain killers.

     More than being a White centered idea, the idea of white guilt is also a westerner one. White people are not the only bad guys in the world and throughout history. When you think about the genocide and ethnical cleansing that happened in Rwanda, would you say that the daughters and sons of the killers should feel white guilt? In India, the cast system makes it hard for the “Dalit” to have access to the same jobs, the same status as some of the major casts. Should the major cast members feel white guilt? Being assholes with a part of the population is not the monopoly of white people if you open your eyes to the world. I also would like to add that even if the only assholes in the world were white, would it mean that they should discriminate against themselves for being this colour? Because they are born white, they want to think they should apologize. Because they are born white they think that they should be seen as the villain. These simple minded people are becoming racists against their own skin colour. Isn’t the whole reason they feel guilty based on the fact that white people have mistreated others just because of the difference in their skin colour? So they are doing to themselves – and feeling guilty about – the thing they blame old white people for. If they were only hating themselves, I wouldn’t mind. But they feel appalled when other white people don’t feel this non existing innate guilt. They guilt shame you. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people were vegan too as they use the same kind of imagined superiority they think they are part of. This is another failed attempt from white people to feel empathetic towards minorities. Non white people don’t need their acknowledgement of white guilt, or white privilege.

     In the case of America, the system in which we live in today is based upon the wrongdoings of the white politicians of the past. No one should deny that this country revolves around what works best for a white straight man. And most of it’s persistence is based upon the fact that the actual elected officials are not doing enough. And why is that? They appeal to the electorate that is most likely to go out and vote. Blame the people who are not going to vote. The voter’s turnout in local elections is incredibly low. What was set 200 years ago can be undone. Voting is the only equalizer in a real – aka not the one that was forbidding black or women to vote – democracy. Everyone, from poor to rich, black to white, young to old can vote or run for office (unless you’re or have been a felon). But it’s always the same people. Old white rich dudes. So if mostly old white rich dudes go to vote, who would campaign to try to improve the lives of the young and the lives of minorities? If no one campaigns to improve the lives of the young and of minorities, why would they go to vote? This is a virtuous circle, and if the voting resides in the hands of the same people, we need to understand that democracy can also be autocratic in its own way. We saw with the recent elections that more young and black voters came out. Doug Jones would not have won without black voters voting unequivocally for him. Thanks to Trump people who don’t want the worst to happen finally come out. But once again, who is Doug Jones? An old white dude.

     Overall, white guilt is the only white privilege. And many white people use this sentiment to empower themselves instead of empowering black people. White people just want to be redeemed from their believed guilt by having black people accept their apology and understand their – the white people one – chagrin. More and more white people will tell you that they have white privileges but won’t be able to cite any. Black people don’t need pity. They need equal opportunities, they need equal respect. Unless you live in your liberal bubble, whether you want it or not, there will always be a divide between black and white people in America. But the government should be here to help. Spending more to balance this divide is not favouritism, it is equalism – making things equal. Education is a subject that is to me the most important. Trying to be a white saviour is great – for you – but data shows that “exposure to at least one black teacher in grades 3 to 5 reduces the probability of low income black male students dropping out of school by almost 40%”. This sectarianism that has been created because of 200 years of slavery and racism makes it harder for black people to feel empowered by a white person. And makes it more likely that either schools are 80%+ black or black people are a minority. Black students in public schools are 3.8 times more likely than white students to be suspended.

     It just is the trend to feel like you have empathy to the black movement without even understanding where it comes from. Understand your biases, understand the institutional racism, and ask for reforms to keep segregation out of schools (or to improve schools in black neighborhoods), to implement restorative practices in schools. The system makes you go from the city to the – white – suburbs where you will put your children in white schools. And when you want to stay in the city, you just help gentrify it. The system makes you walk for Black lives downtown but you won’t go in the black neighborhoods. Your guilt is not helping anything else than your ego.

     America is a community based country. America is still segregated whether you want to accept it or not (check this map to understand it).It sickens me that in a country that sees itself as a Melting Pot, you can have a Kid in Kentucky who never sees black kids and a Kid in the Bronks who never sees white kids. White guilt doesn’t make anything better. White guilt doesn’t make Black Lives Matter. White guilt doesn’t take into account that other white people have it bad too. Stop thinking that you need to add your feelings in this equation. It’s not by degrading yourself that you will upgrade them. The truth and the matter is that feeling guilty for the perks you have for being white brings other questions. It means you should feel guilty for being a man. You should feel guilty for being from a rich country. You should feel guilty for being right handed. You should feel guilty for having two legs. Etc. Etc. Some people have it better than others, either by natural occurrences or by birth “rights”. That’s a fact. We should be working towards making things better for minorities. Your goal should be to get fellow citizens to better our world, not to blame them for actions out of their control.

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