It’s time to stand up against the unacceptable!

   Humans have been “civilized” for thousands of years and we are still fighting fights that should have ended a long time ago due to the vast amount of knowledge we have acquired. Just like in most societal animal species, we have set up rules to dictate our behaviors. But unfortunately, many of these rules do not work. It is not possible that in a world like ours, we are not capable of fairness. People who say that we are getting there, are wrong. There are societies in the past who supported in different ways some kind of equality, fairness and reason. Mazdak wanted to share the wealth – and the women – equally to everybody. The Persians and the Romans had some laws that were more accepting than what “a more civilized” Christian world maintained for centuries. What is the point of having a written history if we do not use it to better our world? Isn’t that additional proof that we cannot control our animalistic side? We have all the tools to make it but we don’t do much. It is unacceptable that there still are human beings considering other human beings inferior for reasons of race, sex, caste, religion, gender identity, etc. It is unacceptable that we are knowingly all participating in our own death when it comes to fossil fuels use, pesticides use, etc. It is unacceptable that we wouldn’t care for someone’s health for whatever reason. It is unacceptable that people who want their own country and freedom still can’t have it. It is unacceptable that people still believe in any of the Abrahamic religions. It is not normal that fake news can be believed by people. It is unacceptable that a democratic country pays more attention to satisfying its capitalistic system rather than its people. We need to do better and we need to get involved to do that. But for that we need to agree that nobody is born to become someone. Nobody is a someone before being born. There is no higher purpose which makes us special. Instead of expecting the Heavens for our death, we need to make this living world a better place.

    But in the world we live in today, we pay more attention to the loudest than to the rightest. The uneducated makes a bigger mark on the world than the educated because we praise the sensational over the informational. Entertainment is important and if we were in an autocracy, I would not really care about the uneducated mass. But the right to vote gives an enormous power to people who don’t have a clue what they are doing. And I hate that. In a previous post, I mentioned the idea of denying the right to vote to the ones denying Facts. Even though I still stand by this statement, I believe it is not enough. We need to find a way to reach these people and help them see their faults. Someone told me last time, “voting is not enough anymore”. But I believe voting has never been enough – especially in a country where the popular vote is not as important as the States delegates. But what’s the difference between a troll on Twitter thinking he’s useful doing something meaningless and me not doing anything but wanting to be useful? It is important for the ones who think they can make a change for the better to act. Because the ones making it worse are active. I stated in a previous blog that the goal of any person living in society should be “the pursuit of knowledge”. But Knowledge is worthless without action.

    Wanting to shape the place where you live in the way you want is an everyday commitment. We have to stop accepting stupidity and we need to speak out every time we notice it. Democratically elected politicians were supposed to be the ones bringing the change and the hope, but they have been so corrupted by the system that we created that they cannot be trusted anymore. We need to take back our democracies by being advocates for better candidates. There is no debate on the fact that Hilary would have been a better president than Trump. But I understand why people thought that she was not good enough. And it has nothing to do with her gender. We cannot cry for Republicans using the gerrymandering in a better way than the Democrats. We can be mad that both parties were using this technique to help themselves rather than the people. We cannot give a free pass to Obama for lying about “keeping your plan” for Obamacare. We cannot ignore the fact that Obama used drone attacks subsequently killing many innocent people like no other president before. We need to denounce the politicians when they do something bad and we need to praise them when they do something good, without paying attention to the party they represent.

    And we should do the same thing with our personal relationships. Any person we know who is a racist, a bigot, a homophobe should be reminded every day about the stupidity of their thinking. Accepting difference doesn’t mean accepting stubborn stupidity. I have religious friends, and I accept their right to believe whatever they want. But I will never stop claiming that these religions are part of the problem. I have family members who express racist beliefs, I will never stop calling them out. The most important thing is to have debates and have our arguments ready. We all need to be better participants of the community life and all advocate for reason. But we need to be reasonable. Calling someone a racist just because he “dared” to use the expression “those people”, is dumb (and calling someone dumb just because he called someone a racist is dumb). It is unfair to attack anybody based on a sentence that they might have said or a word they used the wrong way. It is the job of the sane ones to force dialogue and meaningful conversation between people. We should not be the ones pointing fingers on grammatically correct expressions just for the “gotcha moment”. White people should not have to be scared of offending minorities every time they open their mouths. The increased political correctness and the “language police” are clouding the fundamental stakes of the fights. How can we let students who call themselves liberals re-create segregation in colleges? We need to change the system, not find ways to avoid it. We need to stand up and speak out no matter which side we’re on. It’s not Us vs Them, this is Us vs the unacceptable. Let’s unite and solve these issues peacefully while we still can. History repeats itself and I’d rather avoid dying in a war, whatever kind that may be.

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